Under recent legislation, known as GDPR, we have to specify and you have the right to know what we do with your data/personal information

We do not have cookies on our site, we do not take payments over our site and we do not use online banking

This reduces the number of ways your data can be accessed by outside parties, but we stress that clicking onto an outside site means we have no control over the data that site may be processing.


Elkstone Manor Limited (EML) takes the privacy of our customers seriously. With that in mind, we have produced and adhere to a detailed privacy policy in line with the General Data Protection Regulation - a regulation in  UK and EU Law on data protection and privacy for individuals within the  UK and EU.

The following privacy policy details what personal information (data) we have about you, what we use the data for, how we store this personal information, how we do or do not share that personal information, what we do with it and to whom we share it. This is known as “the use of your privacy information.”

Our lawful basis for using this information is that we are working towards having a contract with you.

You need to know that you have the right to be informed of the data we take from you + what we do with it.

In our business...

The first step is an e-mail we receive from you as an enquiry. We then reply.  If you like what we send, we will arrange an onsite meeting.  If you do not like it, we delete that exchange of e-mails.

The second step is the onsite meeting:  at this you will give us your contact details, your names, address and post code, and your telephone number(s).  This is your private information.*

The third step comes when you decide or not to progress with a booking.

If you decide not to progress with a booking your data will be deleted

If you decide to make the booking, an invoice will be raised in the name and address you provide.  This name and address is often that of a parent or sponsor and you must now ask their consent  for you to give this information to us. To keep a paper trail, we would ask you to get their consent via e-mail and pass it on to us.

We then have that person(s)  privacy information and they have the right to ask/know what we do with their data

This is not a problem, the invoice is raised in their name(s) and stays on file for HMRC in hard copy form.  They are able to request that we will remove all electronic data from our system (e-mails, etc)

The recipient of all or any of this privacy information is Elkstone Manor Limited

We may, with your permission or request, pass relevant contact details to other suppliers in order to facilitate your event.  It is usual for us to liaise with the other suppliers to get everything running smoothly.

We will eventually ask for a list of all the suppliers you are engaging - marquee, caterer, band, florist, coach company and anyone else you have commissioned to use at your event.  Each of these suppliers has the right to be informed about what we will be doing with their data.

Disclosure of your privacy information to any such third party is only done with your written (e-mail) permission, and you can ask to be copied-in to any e-mails between Elkstone Manor Limited and that third party.

Basically, all the details you give us are for you to amend, delete and be in control of.

Elkstone Manor Limited   Co. Reg No: 5127430  

Registered Office:  mca Shepherd Smail 21 Market Place, Cirencester, GL7 2NX

  1. *Your private information consists of your name, address, e-mail, telephone numbers (Landline and Mobile).  Nothing else.

There is one exception to disclosing your private information and that is if/when the police require your data in pursuit of a criminal offence.



EML uses e-mail to communicate with customers and to forward invoices, etc.  Phishing uses tricking to communicate with people who have a financial relationship  with a company - such as EML.  If ever you receive a phone call or e-mail from some party asking for you bank details, credit or debit card details

DO NOT believe it is EML.  Please put the phone down immediately or, if is by e-mail copy same and send it to